Davinci Vaporizer Releases Top 10 Most Searched About Vaporizers of 2013 List

December 07 01:36 2013

Top 10 Most Popular Vaporizers of 2013
Top 10 Most Popular Vaporizers of 2013

A new infographic displays multiple statistics on the latest trends in vaporizer searches and mentions on popular social media sites

Davinci Vaporizer has just put out a new infographic that shows the magnitude with which the vaporizer industry is taking off. The statistics were compiled using the latest social media mention results. Although DavinciVaporizer.com did not come in first place in all the categories, the sponsor of the infographic did place midrange in the search results and vaporizer manufacturing is a relatively new industry.

The main point behind the infographic is that a trend or buzz is developing around the health benefits vaporizing materials, rather than igniting them, can provide. Vaporizers now have uses going well beyond providing a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. They can also be used as an alternative to burning incense or candles in aromatherapy.

This unique delivery method may have more utility in the future, from air fresheners and sanitizers to administering prescription drugs safely. Medical marijuana is already being delivered by vapor as a safer alternative to smoking for the treatment of glaucoma and chronic pain.

The DavinciVaporizer.com infographic lists the top 10 brands of vaporizers and smokeless cigarettes that are generating the most buzz online and being searched for most often. In Google search results, Pax Vaporizer came in first with 60,500 queries. Volcano Vaporizer took the second spot with 49,500 queries, followed closely by Magic Flight Launch Box with 40,500. Arizer Solo Vaporizer was in the fourth position with 14,800 and the provider of the infographic, DavinciVaporizer.com, was midrange in the top ten searches with 12,000.

Going forward the companies with the most innovative products (and advertising budgets) will most likely jockey for these dynamic positions. The remainder of the infographic contains the interesting statistics on social media sites but they are better explained graphically. If you are interested in what is trending on the subject, check it out and if you are interested in the many benefits vaporizers can provide, check out DavinciVaporizer.com.

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